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What’s for breakfast ?

Ever had issues trying to get your kids to eat their breakfast?

Some parents struggle with kids wanting to drink their milk, eat their cereal, or drink their juice. Well Top Melts can help with that!

The great thing about the Top Melts edible drink toppers is that they are so versatile! Do your kids like dinosaurs? Or maybe pretty little princess dolls?


Well they can have that right on their drink! See if your kids don’t feel like drinking their milk after they see their favorite cartoon character floating in their cup. If you have an edible image printer at home you can easily use our brand new Top Melts paper to print your own images right at home.

Print them as you need them or stock up for those busy mornings where you can’t catch your breath.

You can also order custom images directly from our sister website,

Just upload your image, choose your product quantity, and you’ll have your order shipped right to your door!

Whether trying to get your kids to drink their milk, or just trying to add a little fun to their morning routine, Top Melts is sure to please

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